You work hard for your money, so hard for it, honey.  And you expect it to be accurate.  That’s not too much to ask and we can all relate with that most basic desire.

In travel healthcare, things have a way of being more difficult, having more obstacles and more unforeseen circumstances taking place than normal life does, and paycheck accuracy can certainly be an issue with some companies.  The good news is that the Accounting Department at TRS Healthcare has perfected things through a few simple steps.  Here are 10 ways to ensure your paycheck is accurate:

  1. Have your timesheet sent in to us by Monday at noon
  2. Send your timesheet directly to the Accounting Department through any of these 3 methods:
    1. Email it to timesheets@therightsolutions.com
    2. Text it to 479-871-5696
    3. Fax it to 866-270-1609
  3. If you text or email your timesheet, you will get a confirmation that it was received. If you do not get one, please resend your timesheet (in one way or another) until you do!
  4. If you faxed the timesheet to us, please call Accounting directly to ensure it was received. That phone number is 888-987-8233, extension 390.
  5. Please ensure your timesheet has been signed by a Supervisor at the facility. This is approval for payment to be released!
  6. If your lunch is less than 30 minutes in length, please make sure the line is initialed by a Supervisor. If you did not take a lunch and there is no lunch override by a Supervisor, most facilities will automatically deduct a standard lunch break.
  7. Please be sure to write legibly!
  8. Write your time in on the correct columns on the timesheet. Don’t worry, you will provided with a sample timesheet to see how a correctly submitted one should look.
  9. Your account will be set up in advance by the Accounting Department so all of your Direct Deposit information will be received and verified before you start working your contract.
  10. Double check! Verify everything you wrote on your timesheet before you submit

And just like that, these easy processes will keep you paid perfectly every time!  Obviously, there may be some circumstances where things will be different but these are good habits to get into and you will be notified if you are working a contract that causes these steps to be modified in any way.  A few examples of this are facilities whose policy it is not to sign timesheets (they use a Kronos system) and the facilities who utilize CoNexus Timekeeping software.

Incorporating the above steps into your weekly routine will make doing them second nature after only a couple of weeks.  The thing to remember is that you can (and should) contact the Accounting Department at any time to ask your questions.  They will give you all the guidance you need to ensure you have a successful and profitable contract with TRS Healthcare!






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