Your Recruiter is there for you, at all times and for all reasons.  Ideally, you have established a rapport and routine with your Recruiter at this point but if not, it’s a good idea to communicate expectations so that everyone wins in this relationship.  Much like dialing 911, it’s a good idea to be realistic with what your pal can do for you.  Your Recruiter isn’t going to be able to help you with directions to the nearest grocery store, fix your WiFi network or change a flat tire for you.  However, when the chips are down and you need them, you can count on your TRS Recruiter.  But when should a strong and self-sufficient travel nurse reach out to their company lifeline?

  1. You had an interview

Hopefully, you took notes and have quite a bit of information to pass along to them but even if you do not, it’s definitely time to reach out and let them know.  Your Recruiter will go through the channels and find out if the facility is ready (or planning) to make an offer to you.  If you’ve missed a call for an interview, this same advice applies; call your Recruiter!

  1. You had an issue during your shift

This isn’t unusual but it’s important to let your Recruiter know.  It’s always best if they hear it from you first and most likely, depending on the situation, they will have a strategy in place with suggestions to protect yourself.

  1. You witnessed something bad

Not every nurse is created equal and some people bend or break the rules when it suits them to do so.  Even if you’re sympathetic to the situation, your nursing license is far too valuable to take chances with so please reach out to your Recruiter immediately.

  1. You are injured

Your safety is our first priority while on contract and we take that seriously.  Even if it’s a minor thing during your shift or even if you didn’t get hurt at work, tell your Recruiter at the first opportunity.  There are protocols and procedures in place to help with these situations so please, let us help if we can.

  1. You are told your contract is being cancelled

First and foremost, know that this does happen and no contract can prevent a facility for finding a way out of honoring their word if they are determined enough to get rid of you.  Ideally, this will never be the case and rarely does a contract end without some signs that things aren’t working out.  Contact your Recruiter immediately so we can wade through the nonsense and find out what is happening and what can be done, if anything, to fix things.

If for one reason or another your Recruiter is unavailable, you are still afforded options here at TRS Healthcare.  We have an On-Call Manager available 24/7 by phone when the office is closed.  We also have a Clinical Liaison on staff who can assist with industry specific terminology and situations in which your Recruiter may not be able to assist you.  You are on contract in a city perhaps far from home but know that when you travel with TRS, you do not travel alone.



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