How You Land A Job With Social Media

A few months ago we started a series on social media advice for Healthcare Professionals. This is the final blog in the series to show you how social media can help you land your next job.

Social media isn’t all bad news folks. It’s actually good for you. Not only does it offer you an outlet in tough times and an opportunity to reflect, but it also could help you land your next job. Yep, 33 percent of employers have found social media content that made them more likely to hire a candidate, and 23 percent saw something that directly led them to hire a candidate.

The following are some of the most common reasons employers hired someone based on the good things they found on social media:

  1. Being a good fit in the company culture. You work well with others.
  2. Background information showed qualifications for the job. You hit the ground running.
  3. Presented professional image. Look the part.
  4. Had excellent communication skills. You understand others. Others understand you.
  5. Creativity. How do you stand out?
  6. Awards and accolades. Your peers have recognized you for your hard work.

Just remember, think before you post on social media. Employers are looking there for reasons to hire you. Be professional and focus on the positive.

We hope you’ve enjoyed the series on social media advice for Healthcare Professionals. How has social media helped you land a job?

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