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Last month we started a series on social media advice for Healthcare Professionals. This is the second blog in the series to show you what not to post.

Are you concerned about your social media posts? Do you worry that every post you make will come back to haunt you? Before looking at what you should do on social media, let’s think about what you shouldn’t do.

It might be really easy to churn out that nasty tweet about your cranky co-worker or impossible patient. After all, they might deserve it, and you need to vent, right? But you definitely want to stop yourself before you do. It could not only cost you your job. It could also hurt your chances for a future position.

The following are seven things never to do on social media:

  1. Complain about your job, co-workers or boss
  2. Share too much personal information
  3. Post patient information
  4. Place yourself in controversial conversations
  5. Be unprofessional
  6. Upload pictures or videos of patients on personal devices such as smartphones
  7. Use a patient’s name, or post information that might identify a patient.

Your online behavior does matter. So it’s important to treat others with respect. The Golden Rule applies to how you interact with others online: treat others like you’d want to be treated. And stay positive. Check us again next month for more social media tips.

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