Sherri Bookamer and her family enjoy the closeness of RV living.

Sherri, RN, and her family enjoy the closeness of RV living.

Life on the open road has been so much easier for ER Nurse Sherri Bookamer and her family. While on assignment with The Right Solutions, Sherri has traveled with her husband and three children in their cozy 30-foot-long recreational vehicle. The family has enjoyed the closeness of RV living. They’ve also spent a lot more time outside. “It’s way easier,” Sherri said. “It’s like a perpetual vacation.”

They’ve met a lot of people along the way, and the children have always had others their age with which to play. “They love it,” Sherri said. They have a movie projector and a portable screen, and have done movie nights at their campsite. “Everybody comes over,” she said.

Movie night at the campsite!

Movie night at the campsite!

Her husband, Matt, “is one of the cool dads,” Sherri said. “He’s always out with the kids.” While she’s working, he’s been spending days with the children doing things such as riding bicycles or making arts and crafts. He’s also provided for their education. The family joined a Road Schooling RV group that started on Facebook, and they are always meeting families who are part of the group.

They’ve enjoyed this way of life for the past six months. “It’s just been fun,” Sherri said. “We’re ready to move on after a few months.” Sherri has been a Nurse since 2008. If you have a great story like Sherri’s that you’d like to share, you can submit it to jdellarosa@therightsolutions.com. Thanks for sharing!

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