Vickie Barker, RN, was nominated for the I Care award.

Vickie Barker, RN, was recently nominated for the I Care award.

It was an amazing day for Vickie Barker, RN. A patient at the hospital where she was working needed a ride back to his vehicle in a rural area of western New Mexico, and Vickie offered to take him on her day off work. Not only did she drive him to where he needed to go, but she also spent the day with him. Vickie went “above and beyond,” and hospital staff nominated her for the I Care award.

The patient she helped is a magazine writer, and he was working on an article about the Zuni people who live near the Arizona/New Mexico border. “He was a very interesting guy,” Vickie said. His vehicle was still at the Zuni Indian reservation, and that’s where she took him. While there, they ate lunch at a deli and spent some time in the small community. After a couple hours, Vickie drove him to a nearby city and found him a hotel so he could complete his recovery. Several days later, he returned to Zuni to complete the work for his article.

Vickie received a pendant as a thank-you gift.

Vickie received a pendant as a thank-you gift.

“We actually still stay in touch,” Vickie said. He sent Vickie a pendant to thank her for driving him to Zuni. Vickie said she loves to travel, and lets God pick where she goes. She’s been a nurse for almost 27 years. “My patients bless me more than I bless them,” she said. Thank you Vickie for going above and beyond. You are an awesome example of a nurse who is comforting and restoring lives across the nation.

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