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#ALLIN: Navigating COVID-19

Taylor Faught, CEO TRS Healthcare
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Dear TRS Family of Healthcare Professionals:

First of all, please let me tell you how overwhelmed I am by the positive response of our nurses during this incredibly trying time – your willingness to step up, respond to the call and be on the frontlines for our country and our society during this great time of need is absolutely astonishing.

The words “thank you” are absolutely unable to express the amount of gratitude and thankfulness that I have for you choosing this path.

I am honored that you chose to work with us, and I am honored that you wear the TRS Healthcare emblem.

Our Response To COVID-19

For me to tell you COVID-19 is having a major impact on our society and healthcare system, from your perspective, is truly an understatement – we know that this is what you do every day. We know that you are all in. I am reaching out to assure that we, too, are all in, in supporting you to make sure you are empowered to answer your call of being a nurse.

We are moving fast to understand the implications - this is an ongoing and fluid situation and we are learning more every day. Here at TRS Healthcare we are responding, reacting, and adjusting in real time. We are actively gaining input from multiple resources and most importantly, feedback from you.

Our ultimate goal is to make sure you are empowered to answer your call of being a nurse.

Here are the three immediate actions that we have taken:

1. We have built a resource to provide answers to your most pressing questions.

We are collating, and will continue to collate the most up-to-date information from top sources such as the CDC, WHO, OSHA, Joint Commission and other credentialed sources to keep you readily informed. As the situation continues to progress, we will continue to build our knowledge base.
You can find it here:

2. We have launched a COVID-19 Quick-Response Taskforce.

We have launched a COVID-19 Quick-Response Taskforce to assist you in navigating any of the challenges you may face on assignment. We have a specific task force hotline to support you no matter time of day.
Please call or text: 479-303-4249

3. Most importantly, we have heard you when it comes to pay.

We have heard your number one concern: fear about not being paid. We are making every effort to ensure you will be paid, should you miss work because of COVID-19. We are partnering with facilities to address all pay related concerns.

In Closing

In closing, I have two moms that are nurses themselves and one that is currently working in the healthcare system and facilities; I truly understand what you are facing. The gravity of this situation does not get past me. I sincerely urge you to reach out to us, day or night, if you have questions or need assistance. We are here for you.


Taylor Faught, CEO TRS Healthcare

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