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Floating As A Travel Nurse

What to do when asked to float in your facility
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As a contract professional you are required to float to any floor that needs help in a capacity in which you are proficient and qualified to work. A contract professional is considered to be of higher caliber and quality, with the ability to multitask. Do not complain about floating. If you are asked to float and you refuse, you will receive no compensation unless you are not qualified for that area. This is critical to the success of the contract and you must be flexible. You cannot be floated to an area above your scope of practice.

You may be asked to float within a healthcare system of sister facilities. This must be done within an acceptable mileage and within your skills set. If a change in work site is required, you may be asked to commute up to a distance of 60 minutes or 60 miles from the original work site.

Please see your Healthcare Traveler Handbook for more information. A copy of the Healthcare Traveler Handbook is available on the Traveler Hub on

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