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TRS Healthcare Nurse's Week
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At long last, Nurses Week 2018 is here. It’s the same time every year of course but for nurses, the ‘thank you’s’ given during that time between can seem too few and too infrequent. Everyone wants to be appreciated and everyone thrives with recognition for their hard work. That’s why we here at TRS Healthcare do our best to make Nurses Week special and let all nurses know that we are immensely grateful for the choice they made to become a nurse, and relieved by whatever keeps them sticking with it, year after arduous year. Here’s what you can expect from TRS Healthcare this year:


Each day on Facebook, we will posit a question. The question may have a correct answer or it may be simply your opinion. Based on the timestamp of the comments, the first correct answer (if applicable), will receive a point. Everyone who answers will receive a point as well. Multiple answers will not get you more than 1 point. At the end of the week, we will tally the points and award prizes to the top 3 point-getters.


Each day during Nurses Week, we will post a Nurse Crush. These are submitted to us and anyone can nominate a nurse for consideration. We only need a photo and a sentence or two on why the nurse is worthy of being recognized. Nominate your colleagues, nominate yourself! Every nurse selected will receive a TRS Healthcare t-shirt. Please send your Nurse Crush nominees to


We will profile prominent nurses throughout history who have blazed a trail for all the nurses who have followed in their sizable footsteps. Check it out daily for a flashback to some of the pillars of your profession. We will also be updating our Freebies blog (as needed) and providing additional content here, exclusive to TRS Healthcare. Your comments and feedback are always welcome!

TRS Nurses

And for our current travel nurses, we have a very special gift in the mail for you! We will post a follow-up blog explaining the thoughts behind the gift and some unique ways you can use it to both tell and share your own unique story. We look forward to hearing back from you about it!

In the meantime, happy Nurses Week everyone!

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