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TRS Wellness Initiative

New for 2018
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This month, our in-house team at TRS Healthcare has agreed to participate in a 3 month-long Health and Wellness initiative. As rising health care costs continue to affect our industry, we wanted to spend some time and focus on taking better care of ourselves. This benefits us individually, our families, our bank accounts (for sure), it benefits our company and it benefits you.

As a travel healthcare professional, you see countless worst-case scenarios every day, and sometimes, those situations are the result of something the patient is doing to themselves or a circumstance where a change in behavior could have mitigated the severity of their cases. You have committed your professional life to health care and to restoring lives to your patients; as your company is committed to taking care of you, we realize that we can do a better job of this by stepping up the way we care for ourselves. How many times have you called into the office and the person you need to speak with is out sick? Hopefully, you will begin to soon notice some positive impacts from our Wellness Initiative.

So what are we doing, you ask? We are starting out simple, in a manner that should be attainable by people of all ages and fitness/health levels. We have selected 5 team Leads that meet with their teams each week. The basic purpose is to encourage a consistent 4,000 steps taken each day (and during weekends too). That’s it. Obviously, we have incentivized our staff to do more but this is a great place to start.

By the end of the 12 weeks, at the minimum, everyone should have walked an impressive 336,000 steps. That’s 168 miles walked, which to the average non-marathoner, is a great accomplishment! It is estimated that the average American takes approximately 5,000 steps per day so setting a minimum of 4,000 ensures that we can at least lift our team members to be as active as the average person and then build from there. It takes about 2 months for a behavioral change to become ingrained, so we expect to see increases and improvements over the course of our challenge.

And we need your help to make this successful.

Our in-house staff get the privilege of assisting you with your career and get the honor of playing a small role in the daily heroics you are involved with while caring for your patients. You walk thousands of steps and probably at a brisk pace, more often than not. Our team in house have relatively sedentary jobs, by comparison, as we spend a lot of time at our desks and on our phones. It takes an effort and a focus on mindfulness to get up and walk periodically.

So we would love it if you would also undertake this challenge with us. Our teams will be using apps or wearable trackers to monitor their daily steps and we are hopeful that you will do the same. When you call in to the office, ask our team member how they are doing on their steps and share your daily numbers with them. This will be a great encouragement to them and will continue to inspire them to go further, push harder and be better. It’s a way for us to bond with you and learn from your experiences to improve our health.

Again, we understand that the work you do is vital and we want to be able to support you in every way that we can. By encouraging us, you are enabling us to try harder and be healthier so that we can more fully support you. We thank you for helping TRS Healthcare become a healthier and more productive workplace and we hope you continue to see the betterment of the company that dedicates itself to you.

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