Congratulations, Marcie Meissner, employee of the monthCongratulations Marcie Meissner, TRS credentials specialist! She was one of two employees of the month for November. “It’s kinda cool,” Marcie said receiving the honor. She felt embarrassed being recognized in front of the team, but at the same time, she said it felt good to get that recognition. This is her first time to receive the honor. She’s worked at TRS for about a year.

Her main role at TRS is working on audits. She makes sure all TRS nurses have the proper credentials for their specific job. If a nurse doesn’t have all the credentials needed, she’ll compile a list of needs. She also calls hospitals if she needs clarifications on what specific credentials are required. “Everybody seems to be happy with the way I’m doing the audits,” she said.

And what’s more, she’s happy in her position. “I’m happy where I’m at,” she said. Looking to the future, she hopes to learn other positions so that she can help streamline work between the positions, such as the account manager position.

Marice was born and raised in Ventura County, Calif. When she was growing up, she remembers coming to Northwest Arkansas to visit. As jobs started to diminish in California, she thought that maybe the time was right to move. “Maybe it’s time to start over,” Marcie said. So she and her family made the move to Northwest Arkansas. “It’s been a good move for us,” she said. She, her husband, Shawn, son and daughter live in Springdale with their three dogs.

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