Congratulations Patricia House for being named employee of the month!

Congratulations Patricia House for being named employee of the month!

Great job Patricia House, TRS payroll specialist, for receiving the honor of employee of the month. She said she was shocked when she found out she received the honor. She started working at TRS 9 1/2 years ago, and she’s been in accounting the entire time she’s worked here. She’s been named employee of the month multiple times in the past. “I like my job a lot,” Patricia said.

Janice Swearingen, TRS accounting manager, nominated Patricia for the honor. “Patricia House goes above and beyond everyday in the payroll department,” Janice said. “Patricia will come in early or stay late, whatever is needed to make the payroll deadline.” Patricia makes sure everyone is paid. She sets up contracts, speaks to nurses and “whatever else needs to be done,” Patricia said.

Janice explained one example of how Patricia provided excellent customer service to a nurse. Patricia spent an hour on the phone explaining pay procedures, but “Patricia never gave up,” Janice said. “She kept explaining calmly and patiently” until the nurse understood. “Patricia does a remarkable job every day,” Janice said. “We are lucky to have her in the accounting department. She enjoys her job, and it shows!”

Sebrina Masterson, TRS recruiter, said Patricia is her best friend. Patricia is “very patient, very encouraging and doesn’t judge me,” Sebrina said. When Sebrina needed a ride to work, Patricia offered to take her. “She started coming by every morning,” Sebrina said.

Patricia was born in California, and has lived in several states including North Carolina and South Carolina. She also lived in Great Britain for 3 1/2 years. Her father was in the U.S. Air Force. Before working for TRS, she handled accounting, taxes and bills for a water company. She lives in Springdale, and has twin daughters.

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