TRS Radio co-hosts Frank Whalen and Caleb English bring you all the fun in their new podcast.

Diana Wright grew up living in extreme poverty. Her home had no electricity, TV or radio. And no food. No one in the house worked, and everyone smoked, except for her and her younger brother. Her mother was mentally ill, and she had no father in the home. But she overcame. She learned to read, cook and pay bills at a very early age. She bought a car at 13, so she and her younger brother could throw a paper route at night. She lived a childhood that developed in her the character and excellence needed to establish The Right Solutions. In the two newest podcasts of TRS Radio, Diana Wright speaks candidly about her life and what led her to become a nurse. You’ll also hear an amazing story of her first patient as a nurse in the ICU. And can you guess what she was studying to be before she decided to be a nurse?

Diana Wright

Diana Wright, RN

Listen to Diana’s life in her own words. These are two episodes of TRS Radio you don’t want to miss. Click here to listen to part one. To listen to part two, click here.

Part One / Part Two

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