Thank you for being a nurse

Thank you nurses

Last year my father had a very extensive knee surgery replacing both knees at once. Normally you go in for one and then come back for the other but not my dad. He wanted both done at the same time.  I went to visit him that evening in the hospital. He had these machines that blasted cold air into packs wrapped around his knees to keep swelling down. We chatted for a while and very slowly I noticed that he would shake. It was very subtle at first but then became more frequent and violent. I quickly ran to get the nurse thinking that something was going terribly wrong with my dad’s blood sugar (he is a diabetic). The nurse assessed his vitals, his blood sugar – all was normal.  She realized that his body was reacting to the cold around his knees, and went to get a hot blanket. Every 10 minutes she would come in with a warmed blanket and remove the other. I later found out that she was heating the blankets with a microwave because the blanket warming machine was down. This may seem like a small thing to many but to me it was a great comfort and for her a lot of extra work. I was very grateful to this nurse who was concerned with my father’s comfort in a time when he was vulnerable.

I am forever grateful to the nurses at Mercy Hospital in Rogers.  That night brought up a lot of memories from the past year. My grandmother had been in the same hospital, on the same floor, different units, several times that year. And every time I was comforted in the fact that the nurses cared. They not only did their jobs but they were kind and considerate of my grandmother.  They exhibited great patience, care and competency – in turn comforting me. I knew that she was in safe hands just as I did that night with my father.

This really hit home, and with the holidays approaching I wanted to say thank you in a major way to all nurses.  So along with coworker and co conspirator Karissa Hobbs, I set out to create a video.  Karissa, song writer and singer, is a recruiter for The Right Solutions and when she played the song she had written for the project, I wept! She said everything that I wanted to say and so much better! I was humbled, excited and nervous to create a video that would do this beautiful song justice and gain the approval of nurses across the nation!

Being a nurse is more than a job – it is a lifestyle with many physical, emotional and personal sacrifices!  And this is certainly something that Karissa’s song vocalizes and what I wanted to convey in the video.  I hope that those that see it will be inspired to say “thank you” to the nurses in their lives. And to the nurses, I hope this warms your heart and puts a smile on your face to know that it isn’t a thankless job. There are many of us that think you are special. There are many of us that have been comforted and changed by your acts of kindness and we are grateful.

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