As one of the faces behind The Right Solutions Pinterest page, I figured it would be fun and helpful for everyone if I tested a few of the ideas we have come across on Pinterest recently! From recipes and travel tips to Halloween costumes and beauty DIYs, there are tons of good ideas out there. I just want to find out whether the pros outweigh the cons. So sit back and relax while I do the experimenting for you!

The simple steps: 

  • In a small bowl, stir together 2 Tbsp honey, 1 tsp cinnamon, and 1 tsp nutmeg* 
  • Do a quick cheer, because that was so easy!
  • Apply mask to face and leave on for 30 minutes (but first, test a small area on your wrist to make sure your skin doesn’t have a reaction to the ingredients)
  • Rinse off using warm water and gently rubbing your fingers in circular motions across your face to exfoliate
  • Finally, pat face dry with a towel and generously apply your normal moisturizer or lotion
  • TA-DA! You’re done! 

  1. Made of natural ingredients 
  2. Quick to put together 
  3. Inexpensive 
  4. Smells (and tastes) delicious!

  1. Slightly drippy/messy in the final stage of wearing 
  2. Requires 20-30 minutes of free time
The verdict:
All in all, I highly recommend this mask and think it is well worth the time. The nutmeg serves as an anti-inflammatory, the cinnamon as a natural exfoliant, and the honey as an antibacterial moisturizer. The combination of these three ingredients makes a mask that provides a deep cleaning for pores of any skin type! My only suggestion would be to either a) wear something you don’t mind getting dripped on a bit, like an apron, an old t-shirt, or a paper towel held in your lap, or b) go ahead and remove the mask as soon as the drippage starts (mine wasn’t until around the 20 minute mark). 

Either way, if you have a little time to spare, this is a super sweet way to pamper yourself after working a long shift! My very favorite feature of the DIY Honey + Cinnamon + Nutmeg Mask is that all three of the ingredients are already waiting in most people’s pantries—which means no extra cost for you.

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