Angela, Jan, Darbi

Drop by The Right Solutions’ booth at The Travelers Conference and say Hi to Angela, Jan and Darbi. While you’re there, enter to win a Carnival Cruise.

You’ve made it to the Travelers Conference in Las Vegas, and checked out some great seminars on travel nursing. You learned how to be the best traveler you can be, made new friends and caught up with great travel buddies. But now what? How about head over to The Right Solutions booth, learn about a great company, and sign up to win a cruise?

Oh…Wait…Not Kidding…The Right Solutions is giving away a Carnival cruise worth $750 at The Travelers Conference. You work so hard to comfort and restore the lives of others. It’s time to relax and have someone take care of you. But you must register at our booth at the conference to enter to win. Make sure you don’t miss this amazing opportunity.

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