Travel Nursing Jobs

The world of a travel nurse is an exciting and fast-paced venture. The newest travel nursing jobs are often posted and then filled in a matter of hours. Below is a partial list of available positions, searchable by Discipline, Specialty or Location. Let your Recruiter know immediately if you would like to be submitted to a position!

Travel Nursing Jobs: Life is not meant to be lived in one place...
Travel Nursing Jobs: Life is not meant to be lived in one place...
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Find Travel RN Jobs with TRS Healthcare

TRS Healthcare is a travel nursing agency committed to nurse service for over 20 years. Our founder, Diana Wright, RN, knows what it’s like to walk a mile in your shoes and knows that a company that can comprehensively see to all of your needs makes you a better and more effective caregiver.

At TRS Healthcare we strive for superior customer service for all our clients: the hospital, the patients and you. Staffing all 50 states in the US, we want to help you find travel nursing assignments that will fulfill you both personally and professionally. Whether your goal is to build your resume by working at the top facilities in the nation, expanding your career pathway into different specialties or simply that you would like to see new parts of the country, we will work hard to see your travel nursing dreams realized.

As you plan your next move as a member of the TRS Healthcare team, we will do all we can to keep you informed and educated about the processes you will be undertaking. Below is a list of frequently asked questions that should help get some of the basics out of the way.

We are excited you are considering TRS Healthcare to be your partner on this epic journey!

Travel Nursing Jobs FAQ 

What is travel nursing?

Travel nursing is a career pathway by which nurses accept short-term travel assignments in different states to assist a hospital in need of supplemental staffing.

What makes this different than regular nursing?

Many things, including pay, qualifications and expectations. Travel nurses are known for being of a higher caliber than the average nurse so credentialing can be more comprehensive, pay can vary based on many factors and the facility’s need will define the expectations upon you.

Do travel nurses make more money than permanent staff at a facility?

Yes. Travel nurses have a higher take-home pay than a core staff nurse because they are eligible for reimbursements for duplicating living expenses by being a non-commutable distance from their home address.

What do I need to do to qualify as a travel nurse?

Each travel nurse agency has separate criteria that must be met to work for that company, specifically.  TRS Healthcare requires at least 2 years experience as a nurse before traveling with us on an assignment. It should be noted that some facilities will have their own requirements in order for a candidate to be submitted for a position.

What are the expectations of a travel nurse?

Travel nurses are known for being better than the average nurse so expectations can be high for an assignment. Travel nurses tend to be flexible, experienced, faster and more thorough so the ability to efficiently jump into job duties with minimal orientation is occasionally expected. Communication with your Recruiter will ensure you have the information you need to make a decision to accept an assignment where you have the greatest chance to succeed.

How long are travel assignments?

The average duration is 13 weeks. Some travel nurse jobs can be as short as 4 weeks and some as long as 52 weeks; however those are not common. No travel assignment will ever cross the one-year mark, although it is possible to remain at a facility longer if you would like to forego the reimbursements in your pay package.

Will I be an employee of the hospital where I am assigned?

No, you will be a member of the TRS Healthcare team who is contracted to work at said facility. You would be eligible for TRS Healthcare benefits and bound by the TRS Healthcare Code of Ethics.

How does travel nurse pay work?

Travel nurses with TRS Healthcare are paid weekly and that take home pay consists of a taxable hour wage as well as reimbursements for the duplication of living expenses, something unique to travel professionals.

Can I travel with family or pets?

Yes, although your housing expenses will be increased due to having your companions with you.

Does TRS Healthcare provide housing?

No, we provide a weekly lodging reimbursement that you can apply toward your housing expenses. We will however assist you by suggesting some options we have used in the past and if you would like, TRS Healthcare can advance the cost of your housing to the location and then deduct it weekly from your paycheck. Ultimately, you are financially responsible for your housing.

Do you reimburse for licensure?

Yes, if you acquire another license to work an assignment for us, you will be reimbursed for that license on your first paycheck working in that state.

How often do I get paid?

TRS Healthcare nurses get paid weekly through direct deposit, usually on Fridays.

How do I get started?

Apply online to start the process. Once your application is submitted, a recruiter will contact you to discuss options and learn how best to help you achieve your goals as a travel nurse with TRS Healthcare.

What if I want to speak to a recruiter right now?

Contact a TRS Recruiter directly via phone, text, or email. Or, feel free to call our toll-free number, (888) 987-8233, and ask to be connected with a recruiter.



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