Todd in a bikini shirt!

Find Todd in a bikini shirt on Instagram!

I started about a month ago with a mission to take a picture everyday or 365 pictures over the next year and post them on Instagram with the unique hash tag #TRS365. It’s been a challenge to post a picture a day, but it’s also been fun to challenge myself to search the TRS offices and find a picture to take. My background is in journalism, and what’s interesting to me is finding things around the office that might be new or a little different. I like to see changes in things.

So if you want to find out what’s new or a little different at The Right Solutions, follow me on Instagram as I post a picture every day. If you haven’t already, you will need to download the Instagram app (click for Apple iOS or Android device) on your smart phone or tablet and set up an account to follow me.

Humidifiers with essential oils

Rocking the humidifiers with essential oils.

Once you do that, search for the pictures using the hash tag #TRS365. It’ll be fun, and you might learn a little something about me and the staff here at The Right Solutions. Click here to find the pictures so far.

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