Veronica GarciaWe’re excited to tell you that Veronica Garcia of Rogers is the first winner in TRS’ 2015 Future Nurses Scholarship contest. Congratulations!

Veronica plans to start her nursing career as a neonatal RN. She looks forward to traveling the world as a nurse, experiencing various cultures and learning how rural areas handle medical procedures and technology. She also wants to be a nurse practitioner.

“Restoring a life is bringing someone back to reality after a tragic experience, allowing them to return home to a normal life with minimum to no problems, letting the patient know that everything will be OK regardless of their fears for the future,” Veronica wrote in her essay. “Comforting lives is helping a patient feel welcome and safe in a hospital, clinic and/or care facility.”

We are so proud of you Veronica and wish you all the best on your journey to become a nurse! Next week, we will announce the second winner! Don’t miss it!

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