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  • a member of a society that collects the heads of dead enemies as trophies.
  • a person who seeks and finds the highest caliber travel healthcare professionals to fill urgent needs at top-notch medical facilities.


What is a Headhunter and how do they fit into healthcare staffing?

TRS Healthcare has begun utilizing the services of a Headhunter to assist us in our staffing.  This role is unique from a typical Recruiter in many ways.

A Recruiter will work with a Healthcare Traveler to find them a position based on their wants and needs, within their timeframe to start a contract, working within the limitations of the traveler.  A Headhunter works directly with facilities to fill specific needs in a short amount of time.  Those positions are the most urgent needs for our top facilities.

A facility is given an A or A+ status with us when they have demonstrated excellent communication with us, a willingness to accommodate our travelers’ needs and flexibility on scheduling.  A Headhunter only works with these top facilities, has a direct line to them and expedites interviews and offers for our travelers.  This is a service of high value to both the traveler and to the facility.

If you have received an email from one of our Headhunters here at TRS Healthcare, it’s because a facility has heard about you, viewed your resume and is interested in you specifically to fill their needs.  Our Headhunters only look for the best candidates, so take that as a huge compliment!


Meet the team:

Frank Whalen has been with TRS Healthcare since 2012.  He spent 5 years as a Recruiter before taking over Marketing to brand TRS among travel nurses.  He is now doing a specialized, targeted style of recruiting under the title of Headhunter.  We hope this will bridge the gap between facility and traveler and expedite the entire process.

After a career as a nationally syndicated talk show host, Frank found a passion for health that lead him to TRS.  You may have met him at TravCon or spoken with him during his time as Experience Advocate for the company.

Whether you want to simply ask questions, get an honest assessment of what’s out there or find the perfect position, rewarding to you both professionally and financially, Frank has proven himself repeatedly to be an asset for TRS Healthcare and a true advocate for the nurses it serves.

Frank Whalen

Call or Text: 479.303.4241
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