While most of our blogs on the Travelers Conference have been directed at nurses who are planning to attend, we thought we’d use this one to communicate some information to the companies that will be out to impress the nurses.  How can your company make the cut?  Check out our list and let us know your thoughts.

Aside from years of attendance ourselves, last year, TRS Healthcare polled over 600 past TravCon attendees to find out what impressed them and what they found to be a major turn off.

Stand out

Your company will be nestled among a sea of other companies, all seeking to draw a potential traveler’s attention away from you.  What about you will draw them in?  What makes you different than your competitors, people who do exactly what you do every single day?  Food for thought.

In our poll, Travelers Conference visitors are interested in facts.  Expect pointed questions about contracts, locations and pay and be prepared to answer them efficiently.  These are people who see lives end due to wasted time and they won’t tolerate your verbal acrobatics.

Be credible

Are you wearing expensive suits to seem professional to someone whose profession does not wear suits?  Are you bringing eye candy to draw travelers to your booth only for them to discover that your reps are vacuous morons?  Bad move.  Nurses are smart.  Very smart, in fact, or they wouldn’t have the careers they have.  Underestimating your target audience undermines your credibility.  You’re welcome.

Respondents to our poll said they respected companies who share success stories, explain their values and have examples to back it up.  What makes your company a place they can be proud to be employed?

Be knowledgeable

Travelers, especially veterans, know their industry to the point where only a Recruiter with years of experience will even come close to knowing it like those who serve patients on the floor.  So, don’t try to bluff your way through a Q&A session.  They will see right through your bluster, no matter who gifted a salesperson you might consider yourself.  The one thing you can speak knowledgably about is your company.  No one should know more about your employer than you do so share some actual facts that will be attractive to someone looking to sign on with you.

Past attendees told us that they want to work with a company with integrity and they want to know where the company comes from.  Bonus tip: if you work for a place filled with corporate execs who have never personally saved anything other than money, you will not impress a nurse.  In fact, maybe the traveler can convince you to move to another company with more authenticity.

Don’t be a salesman

We all must deal with salespeople.  Sometimes it’s infrequently like when buying a car or a house and sometimes it’s more often when shopping at the mall.  A travel nurse has to deal with them multiple times a day and not just because they walk into a store; salespeople are calling, emailing and texting them almost constantly.  How would this make you feel?  Wanted and valued or harassed?  That’s what I thought you would say.  So how do you sell without selling?  By being real.  It’s a novel concept, I know, but travel nurses would love it if you would give it a shot.  You can convince the world to follow you if your true belief in what you do shines through while talking about it.  If you have legitimate passion about what you do, why you do it and where you do it, travelers will come to you.

In our poll of TravCon guests, a plea for honesty was the most frequent answer given.

Some might ask why TRS Healthcare would write a blog explaining to our competition how to be better at interacting with potential travelers and that’s a good question to which I have two answers.  One, we already do all of these things so for those who have been with us, you know it’s no secret.  If you like, stop by our booth (#219) at the Travelers Conference you can confirm this for yourself.  Two, we know that we as a company are nothing without our traveling healthcare professionals and we won’t work with just any nurse; we want the best so we can be represented by the best.

TRS Healthcare also knows that a rising tide raises all ships and if companies can learn to treat their travelers better, everyone will win.  Imagine a world where happy travelers feel well taken care of and pass that concern on to their patients.  Imagine the happy families of patients who express their gratitude to the hospitals for saving a loved one’s life.  Imagine the facilities that rave about their travelers and value them enough to increase the bill rates so they can keep quality supplemental staff on hand.  TRS Healthcare doesn’t have to imagine that world; we are creating it right now.

Run away with us and see for yourself.





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