TRS Radio co-hosts Frank Whalen and Caleb English bring you all the fun in their new podcast.Joseph Smith was a traveling respiratory therapist before he founded Travel Tax. He started preparing tax returns as a side job when his co-workers found out he had an accounting degree. “What was once a guy helping a few friends, has morphed into a well respected tax consulting firm that not only provides tax preparation service to its mobile clients, but also consults the companies that hire them, and multiple services in between,” according to the Travel Tax website. In this edition of TRS Radio, hosts Frank Whalen and Caleb English talked taxes with Joseph and found out how he got into the business.

Something that struck him as he got into the business was how little travelers and agencies knew about tax law related to them. What’s unique about Travel Tax is the amount of education the company has offered to travelers. Joseph hopes that travelers will have at least a basic understanding of their taxes after using Travel Tax.

As you are probably well aware, April 15, the tax deadline, is Wednesday. If you’ve yet to file, you can get a six-month extension. Sometimes travelers won’t receive all the needed paperwork to file until March or late March, giving them a month or less to file on time, Joseph said. So an extension might be necessary. To file for one, you’ll still need to submit the paperwork by April 15 ­— which is just two days away! Don’t be late, and don’t miss this extremely informative edition of TRS Radio!

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TRS Radio co-hosts Frank Whalen and Caleb English bring you all the fun in their new podcast.

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