Not only does TRS healthcare professional Scout Hebinck give shots, but she also takes them. Really good ones! Scout is an amazing nurse and photographer who is comforting and restoring lives across the nation and throughout the world. She’s made use of her talents while in Asia and Africa. Scout recently took a five-week mission trip overseas to comfort and restore lives in an orphanage, a women’s prison, with a nonprofit in Uganda and at a school.

Young children do yoga at the Mother Miracle School.

In India, she worked at a school that helps to keep children in the classroom and out of the slums.

Prayer flags hang from lines at Swayambhu, a Buddhist temple in Katmandu, Nepal.

In Nepal, she worked at a women’s prison and taught good hygiene and health education. She left Nepal 11 days before the magnitude-7.8 earthquake hit April 25. In Tibet, she worked at an orphanage. She recalled seeing the many children on the side of the road and how impoverished it was there.

Mount Everest Base Camp, the north face, in Tibet

She also had the opportunity to climb to Mount Everest Base Camp while there.

A child peeks from a window while a chicken walks by in Uganda.

In Uganda, she worked with a nonprofit organization and took pictures of people before and after surgery. “I was working in a surgical type setting,” Scout said.

Children of a village in Uganda are all smiles.

Scout has been an RN for nearly 20 years and a professional photographer for 10 years. When traveling abroad, she’s fulfilling TRS’ mission of comforting and restoring lives while putting her awesome nursing and photography skills to use. “I would love to go back,” she said. If you’d like to read more about Scout’s trip, click here to read her powerful and inspiring blog!

Scout, RN, hugs a young child in Uganda.

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