This year we wanted to try something different and created and sent a gift to you that is designed to highlight your journey as a travel nurse.  Like any superhero, you have your own origin story, your own reasons for walking down the career pathway to becoming a travel nurse.  That journey has been both challenging and rewarding for you so far and it has most certainly been unique.  You have gone places, done things, learned new protocols and seen things that have moved you to laughter and moved you to tears.  This has been your journey, your story that you have written, and we wanted to find a way to help you illustrate it with this map.

As our founder Diana Wright, RN, would say, as an ICU nurse she could treat 2-3 patients at a time with her two hands, but with a company like TRS Healthcare, she could ensure that hundreds of nurses are treating thousands of patients every day.  As a traveler with us, you are fulfilling our mission statement; you are comforting and restoring lives across the nation.  Maybe this is your first assignment and maybe you are a veteran traveler but you are saving lives everywhere and perhaps with that focus, the journey itself has gotten lost in what you do.

Do you drive yourself from assignment to assignment?  Do you fly from city to city?  Do you travel with a friend, family members, pets or are you going solo?  Travel nursing is the purpose in going somewhere new to affect lives in a different city, a different state, a new climate, a new time zone or a new topography.  But the journey can be just as enlightening as the destination.

Are you the type of traveler who gives yourself enough travel time to make a circuitous journey to see new things along the way?  If not, maybe this map will get you thinking about your journey in a new way.  Why not give yourself an extra day to see the French Quarter in New Orleans, the Grand Canyon, or the Rocky Mountains along the way?  Why not make a pit stop for the craft beer in Denver, catch an NBA game in Oklahoma City or try the legendary barbeque in Memphis?

We would like you to use this map as a travel nurse diary so with a glance, you can see the mileage covered, the states you’ve spent some quality time in and those you simply made a part of your trip to somewhere else.  Think of how far you’ve traveled physically to be where you are professionally.  We’d like to see where you’ve been, where you are currently and want to see you visit all the places on your travel nurse bucket list.

We hope that you’ll keep this map with you and share with us when you’re in a new place.  We want you to use it to engage with your friends on social media, we want to see your pictures of what these places look like in person.  We will have contests and giveaways along the way with this map, as we’ve hidden some fun things in various places.  We want to know that you are more than a number to us; you are a nurse who took a chance, a nurse who decided to leave the known behind to challenge themselves on every level to try the great unknown world of travel nursing.  And oh, the places you have seen!

Happy Nurses week from your family here at TRS Healthcare!






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