Although there is a growing pool of registered nurses from which to pull applicants, there is still an inadequate number of nurses around the world to fill the needs of the healthcare industry, reports the National Center for Biotechnology Information. Once a problem only in developing countries, nursing shortages now plague all regions of the globe.

At home in the United States, there is a large shortage of specialized nurses for jobs such as critical care. Emergency departments also have many more vacant positions than other sectors of nursing. Many emergency rooms are overcrowded with patients that are awaiting beds and those being diverted from other hospitals are suffering from the same problem on a higher scale.

As mentioned, the problem is a global one. There are reports that patients in the western parts of Australia are being left in hospital corridors for as long as two days prior to being admitted. The country’s chief medical officer placed the blame for such instances on a severe shortage of nurses. It’s impossible for proper care to be provided when the hospitals are so understaffed.

With so many internal shortages, hospitals in the United States and around the world are searching for help in the form of travel nurses to assist in filling the vacant positions. Active professional nurses are prime targets; they’re seen as key resources in an increasingly competitive global labor market, making nurse migration both to and from the U.S. a commonality.

Massive recruitment campaigns have brought the needs of hospitals, both foreign and domestic, to the attention of many nurses. They are also realizing that there are some major incentives in being a travel nurse. Countries like the United Kingdom, Australia and Switzerland have even arranged for the fast-tracking of the immigration process for nurses during times when things have been especially bad; and the United States is starting the to loosen the conservative immigration policies put into place after 9/11.

Clearly travel nurses who want to see exciting new parts of the world and make good money have no shortage of open positions to consider taking these days.

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