Safety Reminder for all Health Care Providers (HCP)


1. Use of alcohol or drugs during working hours is strictly prohibited.

2. All healthcare travel professionals are required to use proper body mechanics to perform any lifting.

3. Operate only the equipment that you have been authorized or directed to operate by your supervisor.

4. Report all faulty equipment to your supervisor. Do not repair faulty equipment.

5. Report all unsafe conditions to your supervisor. Do not try to correct them unless authorized by your supervisor.

6. Use proper hand-washing techniques.

7. FOLLOW UNIVERSAL PRECAUTIONS AT ALL TIMES. Wear proper protective equipment.

8. Follow fall precautions.

9. Follow proper procedures to dispose of all hypodermic needles. NO RECAPPING OF NEEDLES.

10. Dress appropriately. Wear low-heeled shoes with rubber soles and heels. Soft Sided. Rubbery clog-like shoes, also know as Crocs, are forbidden unless a signed waiver is on file at TRS. These shoes place you at risk for potential blood bodily fluid exposure and increase in slips and falls.

11. There is a mandatory safety meeting held annually. It includes Fire and Safety, Universal Precautions, Needle Stick Precautions, Body Mechanics, and Infection Control Training.

12. Follow all facility policies and procedures.


If you are injured while on assignment with The Right Solutions, you must notify The Right Solutions immediately. We believe in aggressive treatment and a quick return to work, as authorized by a physician. Our director of risk management will work closely with you to ensure the proper course of treatment and to determine your readiness to return to work assignments. TRS will endeavor to ensure your proper treatment and care.

If life-threatening emergencies occur, you should obtain immediate care and notify The Right Solutions within 24 hours of treatment. Seek the appropriate, necessary medical attention. If acute intervention is required, you will be directed to an emergency room. Failure to comply could result in nonpayment by Workers Compensation Insurance.

If you are injured on the job it is up to the Client Facility to determine if workplace accommodations can be made or accepted.

Should you need medical accommodations to return to work, these must be authorized by a physician in writing. This would include any assistive devices such as but not limited to braces, canes, walkers, ace bandages, etc. Case Manager and TRS must be notified in writing by the physician if these types of devices are required.

1. Document the incident! In order to preserve your Worker’s Compensation benefits, a written incident report must be filled out at the facility. All facilities have standard reporting forms and procedures to document incidents for insurance purposes. A witness, preferably the shift supervisor, or someone who was present at the time of the incident and saw what happened must sign the incident report.

2. You must submit to a drug screen if you are injured on the job. The Right Solutions is a Drug Free Workplace. To maintain compliance with the program, we require all healthcare travel professionals to adhere to the following provision as designated in part by Ark. Code Ann. 11-14-106: 5. Post-accident testing. After an accident which results in an injury, the covered agency shall require the healthcare travel professional to submit to a drug or alcohol test in accordance with this rule. Post accident specimen collection for alcohol testing shall be done within eight (8) hours of the accident. Post accident specimen collection for drugs shall be done within thirty-two (32) hours of the accident.

3. Your case manager will contact you within a short period of time. The case manager is appointed by the Insurance company. If you need anything please call the TRS office as the case manager does not communicate with TRS. TRS will be an advocate for you. When reporting your injury, you must leave a telephone number where you may be reached. The case manager will assist you in all aspects of your treatment.

4. You will be directed to the appropriate physician as indicated. Authorization for treatment by a physician must be obtained prior to treatment. Do not go outside of the PPO without authorization. Your case manager will provide authorization when indicated.

5. Your case manager must schedule all follow-up appointments. Workers Compensation Insurance will not cover unauthorized visits to the doctor or ER.




Peer Review Policy Reminder

TRS conducts Two Types of Reviews:

Applicant Peer Reviews are performed on all healthcare professionals with detrimental criteria that may affect quality assurance, patient care and credentialing protocols outcomes during the application and re-application process.  Any professional liability actions, credentials failures, civil and criminal actions violating laws and regulations, or violations of TRS policy will result in investigation and documentation of all issues.


Default Peer Reviews are also performed on all clinical, professional or personal incidents that may result in an early termination of assignment by the client, the healthcare professional or TRS.





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