Celeste Peterson

Celeste Peterson

Celeste Peterson has worked in the credentials department at The Right Solutions since April.

On July 3, the credentials specialist was named the May employee of the month.

When asked about receiving the honor, Peterson said, “It’s my job. I don’t look for recognition.”

In her nomination letter, co-worker Marcie Meissner explained how Peterson has changed positions within the company since she started at TRS about a year ago. She started as a recruiting specialist.

“Each time ‘her cheese was moved’ she was gracious, excited and committed to do her best,” Meissner wrote in the nomination letter.  “She is one of the best team players I’ve seen.  She is constantly helping others with an overload of work and keeping a smile on her face the whole time.”

In the credentials department, Peterson said she backs up the other credentials specialists and with auditing profiles. She determines the required documents and credentials that a nurse might need to work at a specific medical facility.

“Since working with her in credentials, I’ve seen her thrown into being a credentials specialist and within one week had 25 nurses,” Meissner wrote. “She treated each nurse as if they were her only priority. She kept positive and encouraging during a very stressful time. That is a good size load of nurses to handle. Then she was moved into credential contracts, which again she had little training time ­— like less than a week. Again, she jumped in!”

When asked about her favorite thing about working here, Peterson said the “people I work with.”

After she was a recruiting specialist, she was a recruiter before going to the credentials department.

“It’s actually a challenge,” she said about being in credentials. “It’s a lot more intense.”

She explained that one still has to know how to speak to a nurse. Her previous experience prepared her for this.

“Sometimes it’s a puzzle,” Peterson said. “What goes where?”

Meissner explained that Peterson “is a big asset to TRS. She is learning some of the core functions of what makes TRS run. Her experience in (recruiting) and credentials is very beneficial to help the departments communicate and work better for each other. “

Peterson said she’s currently working on cross training with others in her department, including Meissner who does all the profile audits.

“We work hand in hand,” Peterson said.

Meissner also said that Peterson is responsible, reliable, organized, loyal and always on time.

“One of my favorite things about her, besides the fact that she is from California like myself,” Meissner wrote, “is every morning, you know you’ll walk into the office she will be there and greeting you at the door with a happy, enthusiastic, ‘Good Morning!’  She starts the day off right, everyday!”

Nominations for the June in-house employee of the month are currently being accepted. Employees must be with the company for at least six months to be eligible. Managers cannot be nominated.

The nominations should explain why that employee should be the employee of the month. They should also consider company values including excellent customer service, teamwork, assisting with investing in others and helping TRS to be an ethical and profitable company.

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