By Betty McTraveler

Guest Writer For The Right Solutions

I was excited to try Squeeze Pod toiletry items to review for Pros & Cons. I received a kit with all nine products in fun, colorful pods. I tried them with help from a friend. I love the idea of these traveler-friendly pods. They are easy to pack, made with natural ingredients and TSA compliant. Each pod contains just enough for one use.

Natural-Body-Wash-CharacterI grabbed the Natural Body Wash and jumped in the shower. I easily popped open the top. It smelled earthy and musky. It was nice, not overpowering. It offered a good lather. Next up, the Natural Shampoo. Like the body wash, it lathered nicely. It washed out with a neutral soapy smell. The Natural Conditioner was thicker than the shampoo. I had almost too much in my pod. (Not a bad thing.)  As I washed out the conditioner, it gave a neutral, almost plasticy smell. Was it taking on the smell of the pod?

I had left the pods out in my hot vehicle on a late summer day to see if they would leak. Nope. No leaks. But I wondered how the heat might impact the product. According to the Squeeze Pod website, the company uses foil in its pods to protect the integrity of its products. Yet after I got out of the shower, I felt clean and refreshed. My hair was silky, smooth. So these pods are working.

The body wash, shampoo and conditioner are all the same size but in bigger pods than the six others. Most have a similar smell: earthy and musky. My friend tried out the shave cream and hair gel, which are in two of the smaller pods. The shave cream had the earthy scent but with a sweet, mild musk. The cream didn’t lather very much, but it was effective. He didn’t have any cuts on his face, and his skin felt fresh and smooth after shaving. The gel went on smoothly. Its pod had enough product to style his hair. (He finishes with hair spray.)

The other smaller pods I tried were the Natural Facial Cleanser, Natural Moisturizing Lotion, Natural Hand Purifier and Natural Toilet Odor Eliminator. The facial cleanser had a neutral smell that was slightly sweet. I felt refreshed after using it, and my face was so smooth. But I noticed that plasticy smell again while cleaning my face. The hand purifier had a surprising citrusy smell. I liked this a lot. It cleaned my hands, went on smoothly and left no residue. (I didn’t see this product for sale on the website.)

The moisturizing lotion also had a citrusy smell. It was slightly greasy on the front end, but that’s normal for any lotion. The pod contained enough product to use on my hands and arms. After all this moisturizing, I thought a good lip balm would be the perfect product to finish this off.

The last product I tried was the toilet odor eliminator. I was a little unsure how to use this one, so I just dumped it into the toilet. I actually misfired on the first try, and it hit the floor. But the second shot fired true. The musky, sweet smell offered a pleasant scent to freshen my toilet.

Squeeze Pod toiletries start at $2.49 for two of the larger pods or for three of the smaller pods. You can buy either 24 larger pods or 45 smaller pods for $27.99. Other items include kits, toiletry bags, organizers and hats. A neat thing about the Gimme Shelter Toiletry Kit is that for every two kits purchased, Squeeze Pod donates a kit to a local women’s shelter. It was on sale for $14.99. Shipping runs $5, but it’s free on orders of $25 or more.


Overall, I would buy these toiletry items for short-term travel, especially for trips to and from a destination. But if I were stay somewhere long-term, I would think twice. They could get really expensive.


  • Saves time vs. packing traditional toiletries
  • Perfect amounts of product in each pod
  • All natural products


  • Expensive for long-term use
  • Some products had plasticy smell
  • Several kits cost more than if you purchased pods individually
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