Quick Tax TipsLet’s catch up on taxes. As a traveler, filing taxes can be intimidating, so it’s important to have someone in your corner, like Joseph Conte of Travel Nurse Tax. Joseph has been working with travel nurses for more than 14 years. “I’ve found that the tax implications of traveling are often a cause of stress, so I try to give the traveler as much info as possible to help make that aspect of traveling a bit less of a mystery,” he said.

Here’s Joseph’s top three tax tips for travelers:

1. Make sure that your Tax Home status is properly documented. Your Tax Home determines whether you can deduct travel expenses or receive tax-free housing.

2.  Understand your tax filing requirements in each state. Tax laws vary by state, so you’ll need to do some research if you work in multiple states. Of course, if you hire an accountant who specializes in travelers, this will be a breeze.

3. Track expenses as well as dates and locations for each assignment. You might have multiple tax documents, if you work with multiple travel companies. Refer to your final pay stubs from each job because reimbursements for meals and travel are often reported on them. These should be noted when you prepare your return.

So there you go, we hope our tax tips series is helping you this tax season. If you need help, Joseph is available all year to answer your questions. Visit his website at www.travelnursetax.com, email him at joseph@travelnursetax.com or call him at 800-672-0364.

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