My name is Russell I am an RN from Missouri, Being a nurse is truly an awesome experience. I started out late in life going to school at the age of 46. I became a Paramedic and went into a Paramedic to RN bridge program. I didn’t even know about traveling nursing until about 2 years ago. Turns out this was the best decision I have made, as I have now been traveling for over a year with The Right Solutions. My first site I traveled to they extended my contract three times, and I honestly thought they were going to kidnap me. My latest contract in Longview Texas has been awesome so far. Contract time and be very stressful while waiting for it to come in, doing interviews, and making sure every little glitch has been ironed out. I interviewed for this site on the side of the highway, once I even had to mute the phone as someone stopped to make sure I was ok. I say all of this to say TRS was wonderful in getting everything completed. My recruiter Sebrina was absolutely wonderful and worked tirelessly to get the job done. This site was a last minute contract for me, and EVERYONE at TRS pulled together to get me here, from the housing department to credentialing. I couldn’t ask for a better company to travel for, and I am looking forward to my wife getting finished with nursing school so we can travel together. I have posted a couple pics from where I am staying for the next 13 weeks. I met the people who run this RV Park the day I arrived and they have made my stay here wonderful. I love meeting new people and going to new places. I start my first shift on my own this evening time for sleep. Thank you TRS for everything.
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