Safety & Policy – October 2018


Safety:  Sleep Hygiene

Are you getting enough sleep? Numerous studies have concluded that healthcare workers are not getting enough sleep and placing employee and patient safety at risk. Risks from on the job accidents increase with inadequate amount of sleep or insufficient quality of sleep over a long period of time. Some of those impacts are provided by the Joint Commission Sentinel Event Alert:

  • Lapses in attention and inability to stay focused
  • Reduced motivation
  • Compromised problem solving
  • Confusion
  • Irritability
  • Memory lapses
  • Impaired communication
  • Slowed or faulty information processing and judgment
  • Diminished reaction time
  • Indifference and loss of empathy

Each of these can severely impact quality patient care and safety. Practice good sleep hygiene by getting enough sleep, taking naps when possible, practicing good sleep habits such as pre-sleep relaxing routines like reading, and avoid food, alcohol or caffeine that can impact sleep. Be sure to get enough exercise and drink plenty of water during the day so your body is more apt to relax at night.

Source:  The Joint Commission Sentinel Event Alert, Issue 48, December 14, 2011



Policy:  TB Protocol for TB Exposure


1. Report the incident to TRS Clinical Liaison.
2. The CNS or the CEO will assess suspect cases of TB exposure and send nurse to an approved medical provider for treatment of suspected TB exposure within 24 hours of making the report and report back to the CNS any positive skin tests within 7 days.
3. The nurse will obtain chemoprophylaxis if recommended by the current facility Tuberculosis Standards.
4. Provide treatment to cases and chemoprophylaxis in consultation with an expert in TB management.
6. Provide medical follow-up of case until the person has completed therapy.
7. Provide information requested by the local medical officer of health as well as interim and final reports of all cases, including X-ray, smear and culture results for the duration of treatment.
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