Nurse performs CPR to save dog’s life

I have been a RN 24 years. Two years after nursing school I was hired by the third largest Respiratory/DME/HME company in nation as the DON of their home infusion department. I was soooo not qualified for the position. And knew it. The money was to good. I soon learned that money was not everything. Thank God for teamwork. I was blessed with experienced clinicians and we worked hard to obtained the companies first JCHO accreditation. This was great experience that nearly killed me. I quickly realized that although money is nice, nothing compares to direct patient care.

In my 24 year nursing career I have been fortunate to never need to perform CPR on a patient. Yet one of the most rewarding events of my nursing career was performing CPR to save my 30 year old son’s best friend, Rouger. Rouger is an 85 pound black lab!! True story! It was a great feeling to be my son’s HERO and to save a life.

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