At The Right Solutions (TRS) we do the most that we can to help our RN’s prepare to get jobs for nursing at various hospitals across the country. When you begin the application process for these various positions, you must first create a profile which highlights all of your credentials, much like a job resume. Some travel companies write profiles for their RN’s, but here at TRS we feel as though you should have more control over what is included in these profiles. For this reason we ask that you provide us with the following information so that we can help you put together a solid profile that is sure to impress any hospital staff and get you the position you want.
Jobs for nursing at different locations may be plentiful, but it does not guarantee that you will always get the position you request. To ensure your profile is at the top of the list, it is important to include key information that will highlight your nursing education and experiences therefore proving why you are the best candidate for the position. Some key information travel nursing profiles should include are:
•             All certifications
•             All licenses
•             Locations of previous work history, dates, supervisors, addresses and phone numbers
•             Complete start and stop dates for each work history
•             Job type (travel assignment, perm, PRN, contract)
•             Any degrees you may hold
•             Locations of any school/college you attended
•             Dates you attended those schools
Do not worry about going too far back in your work history; it may actually be one of the older positions you have held that is the selling point on your nursing skills. It is important to remember that above all else, the two greatest things that make a good RN profile is attention to detail and thoroughness. If you have those two aspects handled then you are sure to have a winning profile and the jobs for nursing that you want.
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