Diana Wright

Diana Wright

When you put on your scrubs and grabbed your stethoscope for your first shift, did you know you would never clock out again? Diana Wright knew the importance of patient care but never could have guessed the number of lives she would help comfort and restore — and she still hasn’t clocked out.

Diana hasn’t worked as a floor nurse in 20 years, but that has not slowed her caring spirit. Diana Wright founded The Right Solutions when she saw a need to help her fellow nurses maximize their potentials. At the time wages for nurses in Arkansas were much lower than those nationwide. Diana recognized Comforting and Restoring the lives of nurses was just as important as those of the patients. Providing jobs and opportunities for in-house employees and health care professionals as the Owner/President of The Right Solutions was just the beginning.  In 2012 Diana was diagnosed with stage four ovarian cancer and abruptly transitioned from caregiver to patient. She researched treatment plans and fought back with the tenacity she previously used to help care for others. Three years later Diana is disease free. Through her battle she has stayed clocked in and now helps others across country with their personal battles with cancer. For these reasons, to name just a few, Diana was honored as Northwest Arkansas Democrat-Gazette’s Best Nurse for 2015.

Nursing is oftentimes a thankless profession with patients and families never getting the opportunity to thank nurses directly. With more and more patients entering hospitals, the problem will only persist. Diana and the Staff at The Right Solutions want all nurses to share in this award. This award embodies not only what Diana Wright has done as a nurse, but what each and everyone one of you do each day.

We can think of no greater day to share this announcement than on the Birthday of Florence Nightingale. We are proud to recognize Diana Wright, our modern day Florence Nightingale. Thank you Diana and all nurses for everything you have done to Comfort and Restore Lives across the nation. Diana’s Best Nurse of 2015 award and the entire nurses month celebration are dedicated to those of you who never clock out.

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