knowing if you have the Right Travel Nurse Recruiter
The Traits of a Great Travel Recruiter

As a nurse considering the travel circuit, finding a great recruiter is crucial to your success. Having a great recruiter means working consistently, completing a contract successfully, having a strong support system, and overall having a great experience as a traveler. So what are the traits of a great recruiter?

A great recruiter is an honest recruiter and a good listener. They will take the time to get to know you and listen to what it is that you are looking for in an assignment. They will be open and sincere in their approach to working with you. A great recruiter will never try to “sell” you on a job that is not a optimal for you. They will be honest with you in trying to get positions that are not only what you want but are also the right assignment for you. A great recruiter gives you the facts and is not afraid to tell you if they think an assignment is not going to benefit you or make you happy. The assignment may be in a great area that you have always dreamed of visiting, but it may be a very understaffed hospital that over works its nurses. A great travel nurse recruiter will not be afraid to tell you the truth.

Reliability and excellent communication, are also the marks of a great recruiter. A great travel nurse recruiter can be counted on to communicate well and often. They can be counted on to respond to your texts, emails, and calls in a timely manner.  A great recruiter is there for you when you need them, gets  answers to your questions, and breaks them down for you in a clear and concise manner. With a great recruiter you will never be confused or left on your own. You can count on the fact that with a great recruiter you will never sign a contract that you do not thoroughly understand.

A great travel nurse recruiter is also very knowledgeable and a problem solver. An experienced and committed recruiter will know what questions to ask you, the facility, housing, etc. to ensure that you are equipped to complete an assignment successfully. They speak your language, understand your specialty and are there for you all along the way to help solve any crisis no matter how big or small. They are thinkers, working to resolve any situation no matter the level of urgency to ensure that you are taken care of and can feel confident in your travels.

So take your time, shop around, and ask for referrals until you find the right recruiter for you. Do not settle for a mediocrity. If you already have a recruiter but they are not measuring up, ask your travel nurse agency to refer you to a different recruiter. This is your career! Get a recruiter that is honest, reliable, knowledgeable, a problem solver, great communicator and a good listener! I happen to know several great travel nurse recruiters. Call  888-987-8233 or click here to get started today!

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