We love when our HCP’s send us pictures and little notes about their fantastic nursing or allied travels! It is like receiving a letter or pics from family and home. Thank you, Leo, for sending us such great pictures from your travels to Nome, Alaska.

Home to the world famous Iditarod, Nome is unlike what most people expect when they think of Alaska. The quaint town sits on the southern peninsula coast on Norton Sound of the Bering Sea. There are no majestic treacherous mountains but rather frozen plains with a front row seat to a vast beautiful ocean. Leo, one of our very own allied travelers says, “Nome is an amazing town! Everyone is so very friendly and always happy to see you coming. For a small town (I am from a big city) there is always something to do – watch a beautiful sunset, catch fish in the ice, hang out with friends and eat great food, or join the festivities of a world famous dog race. Never a dull moment! I have been on the go since I got here.”

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