I have been privileged with knowing some wonderful women in my lifetime and just when I thought I could not possibly meet any more, I did. I have only been with TRS for a short time, but my time here has been amazing, partly due to the fact that I had the opportunity of meeting Diana Wright, founder and owner of TRS. Diana is the kind of boss that many dream of having but never get the opportunity to know. She is kind and compassionate, strong and independent, honest and forthright, a true Southern woman with the right amount of gumption to give any business owner a run for their money and a true humanitarian.

With the responsibilities of being a mother and a wife, Diana managed to build a business from a little home office in her garage to one of the largest suppliers of Health Care Professionals in the country. The secret to her success….

  1. She doesn’t take NO for an answer. To Diana Wright there is no such thing as impossible – she always finds a way. You could say that where there is a Diana Wright, there is a way!
  2. She understands this industry from the inside out. Diana is a registered nurse and spent many years caring for patients and managing large hospitals and staff.
  3. She is compassionate and vested in all of her Health Care Professionals and in-house employees. Diana is never too busy to ask how you are doing, her door is always open, and she always thanks you for a job well done.
  4. She is a fighter. When other traveling healthcare agencies were folding during the recession, Diana fought to keep TRS going. Not only did she manage to not lay anyone off but she also managed to grow the company and continued to find success!
  5. She is a leader in the industry. Diana was one of the first to have her company JCAHO certified and to maintain a 100% rating with no recommendations for the past five years in a row. She has received the Business Executive of the Year Award from the State of Arkansas. She is one of only a few credentialed Certified Professionals in Health Care Quality in the nation.
But don’t just take my word for it on how great she is….I asked a few employees to tell me how they feel about Diana and this is what they had to say:

“Diana is always approachable. When you meet with her, she isn’t on the defense or the offense. She is open to listening, which allows you to openly discuss ideas, thoughts, projects, visions, concerns, etc without worry.”

“Diana’s strength, vision and sense of presence have been one of the most beneficial blessings in my life. She has become the most influential female role model I have ever known.”

“Diana is one of the few leaders I have known who successfully practices servant leadership and has the unique ability to become personally involved with people while maintaining a successful business.  Her humanitarian contributions have echoed throughout our company and community and will be passed on to affect other individuals for years to come.”

“Diana is honest and loyal to her employees and nurses. She is open and upfront, not afraid to tell it like it is. You never have to guess what she is thinking. She is compassionate but firm when she needs to be. And she is a great listener! It is not in one ear and out the other with her; she truly pays attention and hears what you have to say.”

“Diana has amazed me in how she has always been able to see trends, opportunities, threats, etcetera before they even begin to loom on the horizon. Her foresight into business is incredible. As a person I admire the compassion and care she exhibits for all of her employees, truly taking an interest in those who work for her.”

So to Diana, I tip my hat and raise my glass in appreciation and admiration. She is my inspiration and motivation. I hope that someday I can look back and know that I inspired, encouraged, supported and made a difference in the lives of people just as she has done for me and so many others. To Diana, a woman of courage, strength, kindness and true leadership – Salute!
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