If you are familiar with the professional medical field, you probably know that travel nurse opportunities are unique and unlike those of any other profession. Travel nurses have the freedom to choose the city and medical center they work in, the shifts they work as well as receive free housing and higher pay than the average medical professional. The benefits of becoming a travel nurse are truly endless.

The biggest perk in become a travel nurse is the ability to choose exactly where you want to work and then have the ability to change that location on a regular basis. Imagine having the option to work in a city you’ve always wanted to visit, but never had the chance to. This exciting career path allows registered nurses to work in a certain city short-term, and then gives them the chance to move onto a completely different area. Travel nursing contracts last an average of four to thirteen weeks inside the U.S. and about one to two years outside the U.S. giving you plenty of time to fully submerse yourself in the area’s unique culture. The best part is that the places you may travel to are not limited to your native country; this means you can travel and work all around the world! It is not uncommon for hospitals to offer an extension, so if you really love a place you may even be offered to stick around a little while longer.

As a travel nurse you also get the chance to check off life experiences on your personal bucket list such as seeing the Pacific Lights, swimming in the red sea, or visiting the Grand Canyon. Due to the frequent rate at which your location may change, you will have the opportunity to go new places and experience different cultures as often as every four weeks. With the freedom that travel nursing opportunities present, it’s no surprise that the field continues to grow and become more and more popular among medical professionals.

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