Although many people aren’t familiar with the rewards of travel nurse positions, they actually represent some of the most exciting health care employment opportunities of the modern age. Travel nurses perform the same rigorous work expected of permanent staff nurses in clinics, hospitals and home care situations, but they get to move from one place to another to fill positions as needed.

Our travel nurses enjoy a greater freedom of travel than most other career health care professionals. Housing is taken care of by specialists who ensure nurses don’t need to find their own accommodations, and the wide range of job opportunities means that it’s easy to visit new places all over the world. The travel factor alone draws many new nurses into this exciting field.

Another big advantage of travel nurse positions is that they’re usually short-term, about four to 13 weeks, although there are also longer contracts. This gives nurses the leeway to schedule their work schedules and vacation time as they desire, instead of having to abide by an employer’s arbitrary rules. For nurses who want to increase their career prospects, the ability to schedule one’s own work makes it easier to save money to take courses or gain additional certification. Of course, many short-term positions also lead to permanent employment offers.

Most travel nurse positions offer much higher pay rates to compensate nurses for the need to travel. Housing stipends are generally tax-free. Agency nurses also get paid with more consistency than independent contractors. Even though nurses usually choose to manage their own benefits programs, the fact that many agencies offer health care insurance, stock options, the ability to make retirement contributions, and other benefits makes travel nursing one of the most rewarding health care careers in the industry.

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