There’s nothing easy about being a nurse and we certainly understand that here at TRS Healthcare.  You work odd hours, you go non-stop until your eyes start to cross, you stumble to bed half-aware of the day or the time.  And everything about that makes you a potential target for someone wishing to do you harm.  Here are some tips to stay safe while away from home.

Sketchy characters

I’d wager you know that these people are everywhere.  From parking garages, to outside stores to even on the floor as a patient, you know the types that raise alerts in the back of your mind.  And don’t discount the instincts that you use every day that make you a great nurse.  Listen to your intuition.

The good news is that you have options whenever you encounter someone that gives you pause.  You can have a buddy with you while dealing with a difficult patient, you can ask a security guard for an escort to your car and you can always call the police if you feel unsafe.  Police officers, like nurses, would rather preempt a problem than have to be involved in cleaning things up afterwards.  They appreciate and respect you so appreciate their willingness to protect and serve and utilize it if you feel it’s needed.


Your doors and windows have locks for a reason…use them.  If someone is absolutely determined to break in to your temporary home, whether you’re present or not, they are going to get in if it means that much to them.  What you can do, is not make it easy by leaving access points unsecured.  You can take that even further by actually making it more difficult too, by utilizing travel alarms and door wedges.

A secret that most thieves will only admit outside their professional circles is that they are lazy and unwilling to risk everything for a chance you might possess something of value.  Slight discouragement is usually enough.  Having an apartment above the ground floor also requires tremendous effort for someone to enter your place and it almost never happens without being seen.  Even a moron knows that the Maintenance Man uses the door, not a ladder and a window.

A poll of burglars a few years ago stated that the best theft deterrent is a dog so if you travel with Fido, you’re in great company.  Your furry pal will protect you, alert you and fight for you so treat them well!  If you don’t have an alarm or a 4-footed pal to rely upon, you can purchase stickers or signs that your place is protected and that may give potential thieves the idea that you’re more trouble than you’re worth.

If you feel unsafe in your housing, be sure you have numbers for the property manager, your company and again, consider calling the police.

Weaponize yourself

This isn’t a blog about gun safety, firearm training or legal requirements to travel with or carry a sidearm.  If you are comfortable with guns, do the research and make up your own mind how it will fit into your lifestyle and if it’s worth it to you.

That having been said, having a weapon handy doesn’t guarantee you know how to use it or that it can’t be taken from you and used against you.  Be aware of your surroundings and realize that it might be safer not to walk around brandishing weapons.

Having something that appears to be a regular item and be utilized for self-defense is another option, in the right hands.  Are you going for a walk?  A walking stick can assist you with more than just balance.  Keys and keychains can be used as a protective measure, as can a steel water bottle or a sturdy bag.  Some impressive new products include the Go Guarded ring and the Tigerlady self-defense Claw and the old standby, pepper spray, is still effective.

What if you yourself are the weapon?  Many martial arts will train you for defense, with the added benefit of confidence, fitness, balance and discipline.  Consider ones that place more emphasis on useable knowledge rather than the showy styles that are simply for leveling up belts during tournaments.

These are a few simple suggestions and we would like to hear yours, as well.  Please email us at fwhalen@trshealthcare.com or comment below.

As another tip, know that when you travel with TRS Healthcare, we have an on-call manager available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Just in case you want a second opinion on a situation.

Travel well and travel safely!









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