Travel nursing is an essential career with a lot of ups and downs. But before you choose a travel nursing agency to help you begin your career, you should take some lessons from the people who have lived and worked as travel nurses. These medical professionals have taken to online message boards, offering words of encouragement and tips for up-and-coming nurses to follow as they enter the field.

HighwayHypodermics.com offers many perspectives for travel nurses who have seen and done it all. As does Delphi, Ultimate Nurse, All Nurese. Com, and Healthcare Travelers.com.

Rhonda From Kentucky: Rhonda suggests that nurses get everything in writing, from the offer and contract to their next assignment. She also suggests making a list of important questions for both your recruiter and the hospital interviewing you. Her last piece of advice is to make your choices for what you think will make you happy. Rhonda worked on South Padre Island, in what she called “a paradise” but had to “work difficult shifts.” Because no job anywhere is perfect, sometimes trade off’s have to be made.

Lee From Idaho: Lee states that if you want time off, make sure it is noted in the contract. Lee got to work in his hometown hospital and loved the experience.

Mike From Wyoming: While Mike’s hospital was understaffed and and he was on call a lot, he has no regrets. He says getting a travel nurse job was the best decision he ever made. “If you are on the fence about it, you only live once. Don’t look back with regret and say I wish I would have. Just do it!”

Always remember that hospitals that need travelers are working with a short staff and many have management chaos. If they weren’t in chaos they would probably not need the specialized skills and experience that traveler’s bring to the hospitals. Having the right staff when a hospital needs them is a win-win for everyone! Especially the patients, which is what is important, as patient care is what healthcare professionals do best.

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