Yep.  The end.

Oh, you meant, why are the after parties worth your time?  I’m glad you asked.

If TravCon17 is your first Travelers Conference, you may not realize the frenetic pace at which things will be moving for you.  You will be planning to attend classes for CEU’s (and just for learning’s sake) and struggling to ensure you will get to hear the myriad of knowledgeable and wise Speakers* this year.  As you breeze by the only booths that are convenient to your pathway through the Bally’s Convention Center, you may get a quick 30 seconds with a company and you may even have time to grab a souvenir pen that you will throw away within the next hour.  Fun!

This level of chaos and rushing around will be non-stop from 8 AM until 5 PM both Monday and Tuesday.  Maybe on day 2 you will have a chance to pop back by a booth that impressed you at first sight and maybe you will not.  Maybe you will stumble upon something amazing during some down time and be able to spare a 20-minute conversation with a vendor, in between meeting friends for a quick bite to eat.  This pace is nothing new to a nurse, certainly par for the course for a traveler.  But what does this have to do with an after party?

Because at an after party you have a lengthy time to chat and get all your questions answered with the company hosting your good time gathering.  The pace is more laid back, the rush to cram pointed questions into the conversation is much less and the recruiters and hosts have more time to get to know you as well.  After all, you’re not just choosing a company; a company is choosing you to be an on the floor representative of everything they stand for as a business.  You just can’t rush these blossoming relationships.

For example, at the TRS Healthcare Exclusive Day One After Party, we will be camped out at The Rockhouse Las Vegas, a popular bar with a reputation for fun.  They have DJ’s, over 80 HDTV’s, a mechanical bull, karaoke, beer pong, foosball and pool tables and classic arcade games.  If that sounds too rowdy, they have balcony views of the Vegas Strip, a perfect photo op location for you.  We chose this place because it just sounds super fun.  Travelers work all year and look forward to TravCon as a chance to decompress and blow off some steam.  And you deserve that.  We also think you deserve to challenge us to some beer pong for a t-shirt or beat our Galaga score for a TRS Healthcare gym bag.  We also think you deserve to have your drinks paid for and get a chance to win a cruise for two (with an ocean view) on Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines.

Ask yourself how different, and how much better, is an environment where you can just relax and take your time getting to know some of the people who will be working tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure your travel career truly begins with a new company.  Don’t you want to know what we value, how we celebrate our travelers, why nurse service is Priority One for us?  Of course you do.  It’s just as important to you that someone takes the time to get to know you and your career goals and we recognize that.

We hope that you will come by and spend a few entertaining and productive hours with us at The Rockhouse Bar.  You can find all the details here and you can find us at Booth #219.  We hope you lose at Galaga because we’ll probably just give you the gym bag anyway and we want to keep our gaming reputation intact.  Ultimately though, we truly hope we get a chance to get to know you.


*Incidentally, TRS Healthcare’s very own Recruiting Manager, Shaunna Nastasi, will be leading a roundtable discussion on perfecting your resumes on Monday at the conference.  Be sure to stop by, say hello to her, and learn some insider tricks to get your next offer even faster!





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