Brenda_rev2Congratulations Brenda Sharp, TRS credentials specialist! She’s employee of the month for May. When the honor was announced, she said to herself, “Really?” She was “really surprised at first.”  But she knows she works hard, and it made her feel good to be recognized for her work. “I like to stay busy,” Brenda said. “I’m not one who will let things go.”

This is Brenda’s first time to receive the honor of employee of the month. She started working for TRS in October and has been in the credentials department ever since. In her position, she audits healthcare professionals’ credentials and helps them collect what they need. “I want to be thorough,” she said. She’s often double checking and triple checking to see if something is missing or has changed. “Document management is ever changing.”

Brenda was born and raised in Springdale and graduated from Springdale High School. She lives in Bella Vista and has a 19-year-old daughter. Brenda’s hobbies include sewing, making crafts, Pinterest, baking cookies and needle felting. Way to go Brenda! Keep up the great work!

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