TRS healthcare professional makes memorable bicycle ride

TRS healthcare professional Lynn Jansky takes her bicycle on the road.

TRS healthcare professional makes memorable bicycle ride

Dave Minsinger has been going on bicycle rides with Lynn Jansky.

Lynn Jansky recently took a memorable bicycle ride through a Redwood forest in northern California.

Jansky of Oregon is an occupational therapist and has worked for The Right Solutions for about 1 ½ years. Her most recent position with TRS was at Adventist Health in Willits, Calif.

“I love it,” Jansky said.

In an email to her recruiter, Frank Whalen, Jansky explained the ride.

“Last evening, we rode northwest of Ukiah (Calif.) on a former logging road that is private but paved with a gradual incline up into the mountains into a Redwood forest,” she wrote. “So peaceful, so beautiful. No traffic. So refreshing. And downhill all the way back. It was wonderful.”

She went on the bicycle ride with Dave, a bicycle shop owner in Ukiah. He’s owned the shop for about 25 years.

Over the past few months, they have been taking bicycle rides every Wednesday.

“He knows this area on a bike,” Jansky said. “He’s been giving me personal tours and personal bike training.”

She purchased a bicycle from Dave’s shop. She left her previous bicycle in Los Angeles.

“I bought a better bike,” Jansky said. “It’s a cruiser.”

She recently moved from Ukiah to Willits. Ukiah is about 30 minutes south of Willits and is a rural community with vineyards, almond trees and nut orchards.

“I’ve never seen so much wildlife,” Jansky said. “Mendocino County is a very interesting county. There are people from all over the world that live here.”

Jansky explained that working for The Right Solutions has allowed her to travel while also meeting her career goals.

“The Right Solutions is the right solution for me,” she said.

Before choosing to work for TRS, Jansky said Whalen sent her “the most creative and interesting recruitment email. His was just refreshing. It was interesting.”

“Frank really included me in the (recruitment) process,” Jansky said. Whalen listened to her goals, and Jansky received no pressure from him. “He gave me very good advice.”

Whalen explained that he and Jansky connected quickly “because we have an understanding. We communicate regularly and truthfully at all times.”

“I think she appreciates my complete honesty, rather than a ‘salesman’ approach, and I appreciate her willingness to go where her amazing skills are needed most,” Whalen said.

He explained that Jansky “understands and appreciates the full value of being a traveling healthcare provider by making the most of the full experiences that only travel can bring.”

“Not only does she challenge herself professionally by taking on new assignments in new locations, she experiences the unique characteristics of each city in which she resides,” Whalen said. “I think that brings a balance and peace to her that shines through to the patients she spends time with during her visits.”

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