TRS Radio co-hosts Frank Whalen and Caleb English bring you all the fun in their new podcast.

Over the next few weeks, TRS Radio hosts Frank Whalen and Caleb English will bring you an exclusive series on the 8th Annual Travelers Conference. The conference will be hosted at The Rio in Las Vegas on Sept. 14 and 15. This is the first episode in this series.

Frank and Caleb were excited to feature Kay “Epstein LaRue” Slane, author and founder of Highway Hypodermics, in this episode of TRS Radio. Kay has been an RN since 1997 and a travel nurse for 12 years. She founded her website, Highway Hypodermics, in 2003 as a one-stop shop for information on healthcare staffing companies “because there’s a bunch out there.”

Kay grew up in the Oklahoma panhandle in a town of 1,250 people. She started working as a CNA in 1990 and was an LPN for five years. As she was working at a nursing home, a healthcare traveler from South Dakota came to work there. This intrigued her. It sounded like a cool job to travel the country and work where you traveled. “I wanted to go where I wanted to go,” she said. Several years later she became a healthcare traveler.

About 10 years ago, the idea for the Travelers Conference was started in chat forums, she said. She recalls how she had just published a book in 2005 and spoke on how to make lemonade of a lemon of a hospital. As interest grew on the forums, the idea for the Travelers Conference became a reality. Kay went on to become a board member for the conference. “It’s a lot of hard work. But a lot of fun,” she said. “It’s really evolved as far as the connectivity goes.” Attendance at the conference has grown from about 75 to more than 400 travelers.

Her goal for the conference is for it be a learning experience and to show you the right way to travel. “Everybody asks about taxes and how to find the right company,” she said. “What exactly is a contract?” Some of the other reasons to go include tips on the PBDS test, working internationally, living on the road, and how to protect computer information. If you want to go to the conference, click here to register.

To listen to the complete episode on TRS Radio, click here. You don’t want to miss this behind-the-curtain look of the Travelers Conference and Kay “Epstein LaRue” Slane’s involvement in the conference. Look for the next episode in this series soon!

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