Being a traveling nurse is different, in many ways, from being a traditional permanent staff nurse. Instead of the same job in the same place month after month, year after year; travel nurses typically work under a short-term contract. Each contract position usually lasts approximately 3 months, sometimes longer, sometimes shorter. Because of the fact that travel nurses have to change positions so often and move to those positions, they generally get paid significantly more than permanent staff. The high pay is one of the major reasons many travel nurses cite for getting into the position.

However, the pay is just one aspect of a career as a travelling nurse. The most successful travelling nurses embrace all aspects of the job. So how does one do that? What exactly does it take to be a travelling nurse?

A travelling nurse has to have a certain level of desire for challenge and personal development. With every new assignment, the nurse is meeting new people and picking up new information. Over the course of a year, a travelling nurse could work in 3 or 4 different areas of a hospital, learning different skills all the time. It’s a constantly refreshing learning experience, and working in all those different sub-fields can be a tremendous boon to your future career, not to mention it can look very good on your resume. But it takes a certain type of person to embrace the knowledge and really get the most out of the experiences.

If you’re considering getting into the healthcare field, and you think you have what it takes; or if you’re already a nurse working as permanent staff, and you’re getting bored day after day in the same job, you may want to consider looking in to travel nursing. There are staffing agencies than can provide travelling nurse jobs in any part of the country you’re interested in.

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