By Guest Blogger: Angela Kelley, Credentials Manager

After 4 years of school, a degree, a NECLEX, your nursing license and now 1-2 years hospital experience you are finally ready to take a travel assignment!  But with just weeks to go until your assignment starts will you be ready when the time arrives?  Even the most experienced travel nurses out there find they are not always prepared to start their next assignment.  However, there are a myriad of steps that can be taken to make the transition a smoother one, from keeping your credentials filed and organized (and not waiting until the last minute to get in needed documents) to listening to your Credentials Specialist when she gives you hard deadlines.  The flurry of activity as you attempt to get ready may seem frenzied, but you will find it good preparation for the amazing assignment you are about to begin.

What to expect when preparing for your assignment

While you are preparing for your assignment by getting a car tune up and oil change, your hair cut, your dog groomed, packing and forwarding your mail, you may be forgetting the most important thing…your Compliance documents!  Without these, there will be no assignment.  What you can expect is a call from your credentialist and an email with the requirements.  It may be a long list!  You can expect clear communication and lots of calls, emails and text messages with reminders.  You can expect that things may be hectic but we will assist you with the process until you start your assignment.  As an added benefit to you, even while on assignment you can expect that we will be calling you if you have something that is going to expire.

What your Credentialist expects from you:

Deadlines, deadlines, deadlines!!  When you are given a deadline please understand that the facility is expecting all documents at that time.  Every association and facility we work with has a different timeframe, we specialize in knowing each facility, what the requirements are and the deadline to send everything in.  Not sending in requirements in a timely manner can keep you from starting your assignment on time or possibly having your assignment cancelled completely.   Communication with your Credentialist is also a key to a great assignment.  If you are currently working and plan on getting your drug screen done and titers drawn on your day off, let us know that.  We are communicating with your hospital so we can give them updates on where you are at in your credentials process.

Think of credentials like going to the dentist, you dread going but you are glad you went!  The Credentials team at TRS is an amazing group of women who specialize in credentials and great customer service!  We will do whatever we can to get you to your assignment.   We strive for you to forget the headaches of credentials but remember the experience as a good one as you go on to comfort and restore lives.




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