Nursing, as a career choice, continues to generate a great deal of interest. But why? What’s causing such an uptick in the profession?

With the baby boomers reaching old age, health care workers, in general, are in demand. As a result, it’s fairly easy to find a job as a nurse. On top of that, the pay is quite good, and the hours are somewhat flexible. Also, once you get into the field, it’s not that difficult to specialize in various fields through additional schooling, which will benefit you financially as well.

But all of these things are fleeting in the grand scheme of things. The pay, job security, and options may draw people in, but unless you really want to help people, you may find you’re in the wrong field.

The primary motivation for choosing their career given by most nurses when asked is that they “just wanted to help people”. It’s a common thread among most people with jobs in nursing positions. You hear the same thing over and over again: “I’ve always just wanted to help people” or “I wanted to do something meaningful with my life” or “I’ve always loved children/people”.

As you can see, the common theme is a general level of interest in people and compassion. While the current economy and circumstances may make nursing more widely appealing to more people, the majority of nurses still get involved because of intrinsic factors, like a love for the job and for their fellow man.

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