Diana Wright

Diana Wright

By Diana Wright

It has been a while since I cared for patients in the ICU, but time hasn’t faded the memories. I still remember how tired I was after 12 hours on my feet, and how frustrating it could be to get everything accomplished before the end of my shift. I know what it is like to provide care for patients whose needs never end. I also remember going home each day knowing that I had made a difference in comforting and restoring the lives of others. I began to realize there are some things only a nurse can do. Only a nurse can provide that healing and restoring touch. This realization led me to believe nurses, the people who sacrifice so much to restore others, should have greater opportunities and experiences. This was the birth of The Right Solutions!

My first goal was to help nurses in Arkansas achieve greater opportunities and a better lifestyle in the Oklahoma and Arkansas area. With the vision to help nurses and provide quality patient care, The Right Solutions began one shift at a time. Through hard work and much effort, I was able to develop relationships with client facilities in the Oklahoma/Arkansas area. I began working per diem shifts myself. By day, I booked shifts, and by night I worked shifts and recruited nurses. Eventually, The Right Solutions grew into the premier per diem agency in the Oklahoma and Northwest Arkansas area.

As The Right Solutions grew, I began to realize there was even more opportunity for my nurses beyond the local area; there was also more opportunity to provide patient care on a national scale. I recognized nurses could double their earnings and travel the country, all while providing patient care to those in need. In 1999, we made the leap into the travel industry, and we have been growing ever since. TRS nurses have been able to provide patient care across the country from New York to California, Alaska to Florida, and everywhere in between.

Through the years and through all of the changes, my vision of helping nurses and providing quality patient care has never changed. This vision differentiates The Right Solutions from all other travel agencies. My vision and goals are not to increase shareholder value or pay dividends to investors. My goals are to support nurses in providing quality patient care, accomplishing goals, achieving higher income, experiencing unique travel adventures, and offering a level of customer service only a nurse can provide.

As you begin to see examine your opportunities for traveling, ask yourself one question: Who would I rather work for? A corporate suit that has never seen a hospital floor, or a person who has worn scrubs and walked 1,000 miles in your shoes?

The answer is obvious, and I want to assure you that when you join The Right Solutions, you are joining a family. You will not be another number in the masses. I guarantee you will experience firsthand service that only a nurse can provide. As I said in the beginning, there are some things only a nurse can do.

I look forward to traveling with you soon!


Diana Wright, RN, MBA, CNAA, is the founder, owner and president of The Right Solutions.

You are a Nurse, not a Number!

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