Nurse’s Week has been a whirlwind for us here at TRS Healthcare and we want you to know that it has been a satisfying and rewarding experience.  When I first interviewed for a position at TRS Healthcare, I was asked why I wanted to be a part of this company.  I remember responding that I needed to be surrounded by people who inspire me and that’s why I am still here.

Working at a Travel Nurse staffing company may seem more administrative and detached than the experience of the boots-on-the-ground perspective of the actual nurses doing the impossibly hard work of saving lives on a daily basis.  However, all of us here are invested in our travelers and we are each involved in our own way in your journey.  We love hearing about our travelers being welcomed with open arms and treated like the rockstars they are at a brand new facility.  We fret and worry when issues arise and we will fight to protect our nurses, if needed.  We try to be your biggest cheerleaders and we hope you feel as supported and as cared for as you deserve!

During Nurse’s Week, we send out humble gifts to our travelers simply to let them know that they are appreciated and how very proud we are to have them representing TRS Healthcare on assignments all over the country.  We have the gifts designed, ordered and sent to us because we get to be involved in the process of assembling and mailing the packages.  It’s an extra step we insist on because you matter to us and it’s our privilege to do this.  Below is a short video with some footage of that and some thank you messages from our staff to you.



As I was recently saying to a nurse and a friend of mine, at TRS Healthcare we don’t get to do the heroic work of nurses but we get to be a small part of the process by being able to provide them the tools they need to do what they do.  We cannot be the superhero you are but we are honored to be able to gas up the Batmobile for you.  Our deepest and most sincere thanks to all nurses, past, present and future, for choosing a life of sacrifice, compassion and selflessness.  You amaze us daily and we are so grateful you’re here!



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